cydney walker.jpeg

Cydney Walker,



Community Leader & Political Activist 

I applaud you for doing this. This is not easy from an emotional and mental standpoint. It took a lot to watch. It was very good and informative.





Dr. Keisha Langford.jpeg

Dr.Keisha  Lankford 


Cedar Hill ISD School Board Trustee

I want to commend you Eric on this work. It had to be painful and you were very persistent and thorough. It needs to be submitted.






Erik Wilson.jpeg

Hon. Erik Wilson



Former Hon. Deputy Mayor Pro Tem at City of Dallas 

It needs to be taught. It needs to be seen. It should be discussed. You have done an excellent job  with bringing out the emotions and the facts.





Judge Nash.jpeg

Judge Valencia Nash,


Justice of the Peace Dallas County Precinct 1 Place 2

Gave us a field trip for sure. Wow! Very powerful. Now you got me all inspired. Very Impactful. Gets to your emotions.





calvin johnson.jpeg

Calvin Johnson,




Dallas City Council Candidate

This film makes you understand you must dig deep and be prepared to not like what you might find and understand there is a indebtedness to the ancestors .



dr lawson.jpeg

Dr. E. Henderson Lawson,



Author Colored River

It was very informative and very meaningful. I enjoyed being able to look at the history of Texas from the grand scheme of things. I appreciate the way Eric tied in the historical background.






Ed Gray,



Ph.D candidate

I loved the way he tied all the historical pieces involved in the story. I felt a kinship with Eric and  his research and struggle.







Claudia Fowler,



Community leader & Political Activist

I think Eric what you did was noble. Going to Africa first and then tracing your way back. To me that was the best journey. It was very good to me and just to know what you went through.





Roberta Reed



It will be very helpful for the younger group. I think they are going to be the ones to increase the momentum and help us get things done.








Kellie Pryor, ADOS Las Vegas

It was gripping, I appreciate the visuals on the plantations. Can you imagine the slaves who arrived there.



James moreland.jpeg

James Moreland,

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Film is so great! It will help our younger generation understand the importance of knowing where you came from. It serves a purpose to teach it as history. It's so needed.



Colby King,

African Studies Major, Columbia University

All the things that happen after slavery to black people should also be paid.